Sad day for Cessnock as cinema closes its doors

Scotty’s Cinema Centre Cessnock will hold its last sessions today.

Cinema operator Scott Seddon posted the following message on the cinema’s Facebook page on Thursday.

“I am very sad to announce that the Cinema at Cessnock will close last session Wednesday 27th February.

“I had hoped that during January and February we would have had enough box office support from the people of Cessnock to justify digital conversion and major renovations to the site. We have already drawn up preliminary plans.

“There has been a core group of citizens who have come up to four times a week and I thank those people for their support but sadly the vast majority of Cessnock residents have been apathetic to the cause and unfortunately I cannot justify the weekly mounting losses any further.

“I must thank every one of the team members for their faith, loyalty and enthusiasm.

“I especially acknowledge the building’s owners John and Vicky who have given me absolutely incredible support and have gone way beyond expectations in the hope that we might continue and that the people of Cessnock might have a cinema in their town.

“If you want to take the last opportunity to see a movie or even just drop in and buy a choc top for the very last time we’d love to see you.” – Scotty.

Phone the cinema’s infoline on 4991 4555 for today’s session times.