Cessnock District Cricket Report - March 6, 2013

Yet again nothing to report, with all district cricket matches washed out over the weekend.

All clubs are reminded that the district presentation will be held at a venue to be announced on the night of Saturday, April 27. All trophies are to be returned to association secretary Dot Heath at 9 James Street, Cessnock by this Saturday.

With semi-finals quickly approaching I thought I would remind all clubs of the qualification criteria for all grades courtesy of the CDCA constitution:


a) PLAYER ELIGIBILITY – A player must play a minimum of three (3) competition games for their club during the current season to be eligible to play in semi or finals. If a club has adjacent grades, or all four grades in the semi-finals then players are free to be selected in any grade provided they qualify for at least one of the grades which is in the semi-finals. Once selected in a semi-final team, the player may then play in that team in the final.  If the players’ team is eliminated in the semi-final then that player is deemed to have completed the season unless being promoted to play in the final to replace an injured or indisposed player and then only with the permission of the Board.

In all other circumstances a player must play at least three (3) of his/her last five (5) games in that grade or lower to be eligible for that grade.

b) The four teams recording the most points shall be the semi-finalists. First to play fourth and second to play third.  If equal on points then averages shall decide the positions, and shall be calculated as follows:

The batting average for a team shall be obtained by dividing the total number of runs scored by the total number of wickets lost.  The batting average against such team shall be obtained by dividing the total number of runs scored against it by the total number of wickets taken.  The former shall be divided by the latter.  The team having the higher quotient shall be considered to have the better performance.  For the purpose of calculating quotients a team with less than eleven (11) players shall be deemed to be all out should they lose all available wickets (ie. for a quotient of ten (10) wickets).


First grade: Bellbird 100*, Mulbring 100*, Greta/Branxton 97, Supporters 91, Wine Country 76, Peden’s Hotel 64.

* Bellbird quotient 1.87, Mulbring 1.47.

Second grade: Greta/Branxton 122, Bellbird 105*, Mulbring 105*, Supporters 104, Paxton 95, Peden’s Hotel 82, Wine Country 74, Criterion 57.

* Quotients not yet determined.

Third grade: Bellbird 99, Supporters 96, Greta/Branxton 93, Paxton 87, Peden’s Hotel 85, Wine Country 61.

Fourth grade: Supporters Gold 103, Greta/Branxton Blue 102, Supporters 89, Greta/Branxton 88, Paxton 87, Mulbring 62.

Club championship: Greta/Branxton 666.80, Supporters 610.33, Bellbird 593.95, Mulbring 522.55, Peden’s Hotel 432.45, Wine Country 424.85, Paxton 327.03, Criterion 114.