Business feature: Head Lice

Checking for and removing head lice can be a slow task and lice or eggs can often be easily missed allowing infestation to re-occur.
Checking for and removing head lice can be a slow task and lice or eggs can often be easily missed allowing infestation to re-occur.

If you’ve ever experienced head lice, or nits as they’re most commonly called in your family you’ll no doubt be familiar with endless combing, tears, tantrums, itching (whether you have them or not, it’s hard not to) and trip after trip to the chemist in the hope of a miracle solution to rid them.

While head lice are common, particularly among primary school aged children, an infestation can be tricky to remove and if not done properly can resurface quickly, often spreading among other family members.

With young children prone to tactile behaviour like cuddling, or huddling together for selfies, the lice are able to crawl onto other heads, they don’t jump and spread.

In fact according to Lice Clinic Australia, 30% of children in Australia will get head lice once a year or more.No amount of hair washing will make a difference either, in fact lice like clean hair.

The temperature of the scalp is the perfect incubation site for eggs, with adults laying 10 eggs a day during their 30 day life cycle.

Many solutions on the market promise effective removal but the use of toxins does not make them ideal to use and over time resistance can build, further diluting the results.

Priceline Cessnock has partnered with head Lice Clinics Australia and is now able to offer a fast solution to head lice that promises 100 per cent results with just a one hour treatment. 

Using an exclusive FDA Cleared and TGA registered medical device called the Air Alle that looks much like a large vacuum,  controlled heat at 59 degrees and regulated air flow, 3 times that of a hair dryer is applied to the scalp in sections killing both lice and eggs by dehydration.

Treatment is done at Priceline Cessnock and takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. 

With no chemicals used, parents can rest assured that there’s no chance of a reaction on the scalp or scalding from the heat.

After the heat treatment is complete the trained staff at Priceline comb out the dead and dehydrated lice and eggs in the hair.

Families are asked to ensure that bedding, clothes, hats and any other areas that may have come into contact with the offending head are thoroughly washed (in hot water) or vacuumed to remove any eggs or lice that may have dropped off the head. 

Lice can live for up to 48 hours off the body so ensuring infected areas, other family members, even the car seats or furniture are treated is essential.

Treatment using the AirAlle is providing parents with a fuss free solution to a big frustration, staff take care of the full one time treatment. 

Discounts are available if booking 3 or more children in. Contact Priceline Cessnock for more information or to book a treatment.