Coalfield United Amateur Swimming Club results

Considering the cold weather on Friday night, many swimmers came along.

There were 11 heats of Tadpoles, which was very encouraging.

Coalfields United ASC Picnic Swim Meet will be on Sunday, February 25, at Cessnock Swim Centre.

Entry forms can be obtained from Carol James.

Heats of 200m Freestyle Handicap will be on Friday night, as will B/B/B handicap will also be held.

Final of 25m Butterfly will be swum as the first event of the night.

If you have any chocolate money please bring back to the club.

Finalists in the 25m Butterfly - Maddison Beer, Maeve Harrison, Ava Beckett, Ellen Beckett and Emily Solway.

Personal best times were recorded in the Semi Final by Ava Craft, Maddison O'Hara, Maddison Beer, Ava Beckett, Stevie Somers, Lucy Beckett, Emily Solway.

Brace Relay - Personal best times swum by Zane & Jack White, Dellainie Davies/Olive Martin, Ella Hunt/Olivia Richardson, Owen Sophie McClellan/Gabrielle Streitberger-Sams, Caden Snelgrove/Caden Swanbrough, Sophie Prater/Stevie Somers, Jack Harris/Ryder Hales, Ava Swanbrough/Ava Craft, Elizabeth Streitberger-Sams/Maddison O'Hara, Matilda & Oliver Breakwell.

15m Tadpoles - personal best times swum by Maddison Craft, Mac Burgess, Lylah Upson, Owen Clerke, Josephine Streitberger-Sams.

UPGRADE to 25m Freestyle - Isabella Craft, Jude Kennedy 25m Freestyle - personal best times recorded by Elizabeth Clerke, Charlotte Upson, Liam Cousins, Mia Somers, Lexani Blain, Evie Dorn, Hazelle Tiernan, Lincoln Downie, Elizabeth Streitberger-Sams, Oscar Coleman, Lachlan Schilder, Sienna Bullen, Caitlyn Provost, Audrey O'Brien, Layla White, Lachlan Gilmour, Xavier See, Seth Greenup.

50m Freestyle - personal best times swum by Charlie Regent, Ava Swanbrough, Sawyer Davis, Ava Beckett, Gabrielle Streitberger-Sams, Jack harris, Callen Ralston, Lochie Lennard, Zane White, Dellainie Davies, Oliver Breakwell, Olivia Richardson, A Grade - 50m Freestyle - personal best times swum by Tess Burgess, Seth Clarke, Bethany Joyes, Claire Bridge, Sophie McClellan, Jack White, Sarah Cartwright, Hannah Richardson, Maddison Provost.

FANCY 25m Backstroke - personal best times swum by Isla Lennard, Hamish Zoneff, Mia Somers, Elizabeth Streitberger-Sams, Axel Bailey, Audrey O'Brien, Zavier Hindmarsh, Lachlan Schilder, Charlie Regent, Seth Greenup, Ava Swanbrough, Matilda Fairfull. FANCY 50m Backstroke - personal best times recorded by Layla White, Gabrielle Streitberger-Sams, Callen Ralston, Tess Burgess, Hannah Richardson, Jye Pilgrim, Tanikah Barber, Maddison Provost, Ellen Beckett.

DISTANCE - 50m Freestyle for 25m Swimmers - Elizabeth Streitberger-Sams, Amity Pilgrim, Seth Greenup, Sarah Schofield.

DISTANCE 100m Freestyle personal best times swum by Abby Prater, Maddison Beer, Gabrielle Streitberger-Sams, Kyron Ford.

DISTANCE - 200m Freestyle - personal best times swum by Sophie Prater, Stevie Somers, Sophie McClellan.

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