Cessnock weather forecast: May 16-22, 2018

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Cessnock, with average overnight temperatures of 7.2 degrees this month so far.

This is slightly below Cessnock’s long-term average minimum temperature for May – 7.5 degrees – according to Bureau of Meteorology statistics dating back to 1969.  

The days have been warmer, with an average high of 23.3 degrees (2.6 degrees above Cessnock’s average high for May).

Tops of 19 to 21 are predicted for the next seven days, with the mercury dropping to single figures each night, as low as four degrees on Tuesday morning.


  • Wednesday: 8-19, mostly sunny
  • Thursday: 6-20, mostly sunny
  • Friday: 5-20, sunny
  • Saturday: 6-20, possible shower
  • Sunday: 8-19, possible shower
  • Monday: 7-21, sunny
  • Tuesday: 4-21, sunny