CRAG to host a series of whimsical "radio plays" on Father's Day

Bare On The Air at CRAG
Bare On The Air at CRAG

These days, radio is all about the latest disposable pop music and shock jocks,

Thankfully, Bare Productions will be taking people back to the halcyon days of “radio theatre” when they stage four short and hilarious plays at the Cessnock Regional Art Gallery on Father’s Day.

“There will certainly be plenty of laughs,” she said. “We will be staging a quirky comedy called Dinner Napkins as well as a silly comedic farce called More Tea, Vicar?,” director Annette Rowlison said.

“Another will be about a man who ends up in heaven and isn’t particularly happy about the job’s he is assigned”

Annette added that the cast would also be performing a play from the iconic English comedic double act Eslie and Doris Waters who performed as Gert and Daisy on BBC Radio during World War II as well as “old style” radio advertisements.

Annette said the idea of the radio serial (popularised in this country by the ABC’s Blue Hills which ran for 27 years), harkened back to a simpler time, when families gathered around the “wireless” for their nightly entertainment instead of half-watching reality TV shows.

She added that all of the sound effects will be performed live on the night, as they were “back in the day.”

“Perhaps the strangest one is a whoosh sound we need for a particular play and we found that a tennis racket covered in gaffer tape, fills the role nicely. So we will all be furiously swinging tennis racquets.”

Bare On The Air will be on from 5.30pm on Sunday 2 September. at Cessnock Regional Art Gallery. Tickets are $20. To book, phone 4991 6619 or visit the gallery at 16 Vincent Street.