OPINION | All the small things...

The world is full of tragedy and darkness, with all kinds of terrible things occurring on a daily basis. And I’m not going to write about any of them.

Instead, I’m going to bring to your attention those tiny, little irritating things that actually drive us far more bonkers than the big awful ones.

They shouldn’t, but they do.

The things I mean are like the proverbial stubbed little toe – way too small for the kind of pain they bring, but you howl with rage anyway.

I’m thinking specifically about are the ones around the home: you know, that place of calm and order where everything is as you want it. If any member of my immediate family reads this (ha! as if), some of them might sound familiar.

Here are my top five little irritants (this week anyway).

When people don’t push their chairs into the table after they stand up. It’s not that hard, and it means that the places where you walk are free of obstacles, and the dining area looks less like a classroom that’s been evacuated for a bomb scare.

Half open doors. Shudder. I don’t know why – I always picture myself walking into them. Just pick one – open or closed.

Scatter cushions actually scattered, but over the floor. Which leads me to...

Shoes (or cushions) left precisely where I’ll trip over them in the dark or when I’m carrying a load of washing. 

Closed curtains in the daytime. And even worse, a light on. There’s free daylight out there guys – free! All day. Just open the bleeding curtains.

I have been known to slightly over-react to all of the above, which sometimes happen all at the same time.

The fact is, we’re all a bit mad and unable to keep things in any kind of perspective. Or at least that’s what I tell myself so I feel normal. If my head wasn’t so busy blowing these annoyances out of proportion, I’m sure I’d have more space in there to worry about the stuff that really matters.

Now excuse me – I have some chairs to push in.