Member for Cessnock Clayton Barr offers his hit predictions for 2019

PROPHECY: State Member for Cessnock Clayton Barr has looked into his crystal ball for some 2019 predictions
PROPHECY: State Member for Cessnock Clayton Barr has looked into his crystal ball for some 2019 predictions

In what is becoming possibly the most powerful and important column of the year, the Raising The Barr – Crystal Ball predictions have seen the rise and fall of political careers.

Let’s gaze into the Crystal Ball and see what is in store for 2019. I can see that there will be a new Australian Prime Minister and new Premier in NSW before the end of the year.

The American President situation is a bit foggy, but I can see steel bars and a prison cell of some description.

In the corporate world I can see many large companies acknowledging that they have been gilding the lily for a number of years, but they have now realised that they need to pay their fair share of tax and give back to the community.

There will be an apology from the banks and they will cut all of their fees and charges as a way of saying sorry.

In the sporting world I can see that 2019 will be a drug free zone with no athletes being found using either performance drugs or recreational drugs.

And on this sporting theme, I am also predicting that no sportsmen will be involved in violence on our streets. Oh, and the Knights to win the premiership!

I am also seeing that the climate conditions across the world will return to normal and that all of the climate deniers will be proven right while the thousands and thousands of scientists that have suggested that the climate is changing will have to admit that they got it wrong. So we should expect normal temperatures and rainfall and all of those people that live on the coast will have nothing to worry about in terms of super high tides, large surf and eroding beaches.

Last year the Crystal Ball predicted that Gladys Berejiklian would have to back-flip on her stadium stupidity to survive, but we will have to wait a little while longer to find out. 

As predicted Mr Turnbull did indeed leave the top job; Murdoch’s Fox Media in the United States decided that they didn’t need to invent a new reality TV show called So You Want To Be President? because they already had one called The Apprentice.

Despite the Crystal Ball prediction that 2018 would be the hottest year on record, it wasn’t, it was only the fourth hottest (behind 2015, 2016 and 2017);

Unfortunately, despite the Crystal Ball prediction there was no miracle breakthrough in solar battery technology  but it was correct in predicting a number of footballers will be exposed for abuse of women, violence in nightclubs and drug possession/use.

The Crystal Ball predicted a global shutdown of the internet but all that we got were regular internet disruption through the appalling new NBN, which for many customers is the same thing.