The Greens launch Jan Davis as candidate for seat of Paterson at federal election

Jan Davis

Jan Davis

THE Greens have chosen Jan Davis for a tilt at the seat of Paterson at next month's election.

Ms Davis has lived in the Hunter Valley for more than 40 years, and worked as a "professional health worker, an environmentalist and a regional worker."

"I'm running for election because we need the Greens progressive agenda at the front of voters' minds," she said.  

"I am standing for social justice and the protection of our precious heritage, both natural and built. We need strong protections in place to counter the inevitable threats that will come with climate change."

The Greens secured 5.97 per cent of the first preference count (5,797 votes) in 2016.

Ms Davis has a number of items on her agenda including transport, education, healthcare and environmental sustainability.  "As a grand mother of four young children, I care about the world they will inherit and act always to preserve the natural beauty and sustainability of our planet," she said.

"We need sustainable and climate proof transport options in the Hunter, the Hunter LinkRail proposal has great merit for freight and passenger movements.

"We need to be transitioning from coal to renewable energy. This will provide greater protection to the environment and open up a massive new area of sustainable employment. The reinstatement of TAFE as well as implementing Medicare for Dental Health is part of the Great Greens vision.

"Only the Greens are prepared to challenge the might of big business and work towards a more equitable society and sustainable future."

 The federal election is just five weeks away, scheduled for May 18.