Steve Matthews to talk about book 'The Skinny Girl' at Cessnock Library

Author Steve Matthews

Author Steve Matthews

Author Steve Matthews will talk about his book 'The Skinny Girl' at Cessnock Library On Thursday night.

The thought-provoking novel about a victim of emotional abuse highlights how attitudes and values shape perceptions of what is acceptable in relationships. It looks at how culture contributes to domestic violence, and how stories of silence must be told.

'The Skinny Girl' features shy, petite Daisy Croucher. This suspenseful tale chronicles how Daisy lives in other people's shadows and is practically invisible, even in her own family.

Matthews says that "many people assume that victims of domestic violence and abuse are identified by their black eyes or broken arms. The Skinny Girl allows readers to walk a mile in Daisy's shoes. The question is, can she step out of the shadows, value herself, and shine?"

Matthews is donating all proceeds from The Skinny Girl, in perpetuity, to the Homicide Victims Support Group and other organisations involved in similar work.

The event runs 5.30-6.45pm and is free with refreshments provided, but bookings are essential. Reserve your spot at under 'Events & Bookings' or by calling Cessnock Library on 4993 4399.