Cessnock weather forecast: August 14-20, 2019

A sunrise from Bimbadeen Lookout.
A sunrise from Bimbadeen Lookout.

Chilly nights followed by warmer-than-average days are expected in Cessnock this week.

The city will wake up to an overnight low of minus-1 on Wednesday morning, followed by a top of 21 degrees - almost two degrees above average.

According to Bureau of Meteorology statistics dating back to 1969, Cessnock's average maximum temperature for August is 19.4 degrees.

Tops above 20 degrees are expected every day over the next week, peaking at 26 degrees on Sunday.

In contrast, another subzero night is predicted for Thursday morning, with lows of two to eight degrees for the rest of the week.

This month's average minimum of 2.7 degrees is almost two degrees below Cessnock's long-term average low of 4.5 degrees.


  • Wednesday: -1-21, frost then sunny
  • Thursday: 0-22, frost then sunny
  • Friday: 2-24, sunny
  • Saturday: 5-22, sunny
  • Sunday: 4-26, sunny
  • Monday: 8-24, sunny
  • Tuesday: 4-21, possible showers

See weatherzone.com.au for the updated forecast.