Police alerted as fake COVID-19 letters do the rounds at Singleton

A copy of the fake letter that has been sent to police.

A copy of the fake letter that has been sent to police.

Police have been contacted about a fake letter on Singleton Square letterhead being sent out to the public, threatening fines of up to $1000 for people not following social distancing guidelines.

The letter - headlined 'COVID-19: Non Compliance Warning' - states that Singleton Square/Charter Hall has been utilising existing CCTV to monitor social distancing and that the recipient has been "non compliant". It says the images have been sent to police.

The letter says at this stage it is only a warning, but that it will continue to monitor all patrons for compliance during this very challenging health crisis. It also lists in dot point form recommended social distancing practices.

Singleton Square management first received notification of a letter late last week and have since been informed of others that have been sent out.

The letter is signed Sarah Holmes, MBA, STFH, Singleton Square Operations Manager.

There is no employee there of that name.

Singleton Square management put out an official statement this week alerting people to the scam letters.

Their statement reads:

Over the past week the Singleton Square management team have been made aware of a fake letter doing the rounds. The letter is on a Singleton Square letter head and states concerns regarding individuals not social distancing when at the Centre.

Mitchell Phelps, Centre Manager Singleton Square stated: "We would like to confirm that a fake letter with the subject line of 'COVID-19 Restrictions - Non Compliance' has not been authorised nor distributed on behalf of Singleton Square. Whilst our focus remains on ensuring all shoppers play their part in stopping the spread of COVD-19, we are very concerned that an individual, not employed by the centre, is distributing this letter. The police have been notified and are investigating. We ask that anyone that receives this letter, please contact the centre."

Our focus remains on the safety and wellbeing of our shoppers and community and we support the State Government restrictions and guidance on all matters relating to COVID-19. We thank our shoppers for their cooperation in helping to stop the spread whilst visiting us.

This story Police notified over fake COVID-19 letters first appeared on The Maitland Mercury.