Voice of Real Australia: The difference between curious and nosy is ... ?

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Twins put Launceston 'on the map' in the Seven network's renovation show House Rules .

Twins put Launceston 'on the map' in the Seven network's renovation show House Rules .

The rise and rise of reality TV is quite possibly a by-product of humans' curiosity. Whether we like it or not, we often live a shared experience and sometimes it's helpful to know how others deal with the issues you're facing.

That could be through watching a home improvement show, a gardening show, living with a group of strangers or the just watching how others search for love in the 21stcentury. Or ... we could just be nosy.

Either way, Launceston is a bit excited about about the progress of twins Kimmy and Rhi Harris on House Rules - particularly now attention has turned to the reno on the Apple Isle.

Film crews were spotted around Launceston in March, with a number of businesses featuring in the latest episode.

Apparently, all will be revealed when the show screens on Sunday evening.

But it's not cute suburban beauty isn't the only home in the spotlight across the ACM network - why not check out this stunner almost embedded into the cliffs at scenic Kiama, on the NSW South Coast? Or this home in Victoria that features a circular staircase; or this renovated marvel on a delicious double-block in Newcastle ... and so it goes on.

It's not just home improvement, The Voice has captured ears and eyes this week. And, yes, there's been sizeable interest from regional Australia. The two standouts have been former Tasmanian tradie Jessie Teinaki and NSW South Coaster, Timothy James Bowen.

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