Voice of Real Australia: The changing nature of our language

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Goldfields Library chief executive Mark Hands. Photo: Glenn Daniels

Goldfields Library chief executive Mark Hands. Photo: Glenn Daniels

Whoever would've thought at the start of the year the term "social distancing" would be a regular part of speech? Or that we'd even go along with the whole exercise with barely a second thought?

Not that trusting the experts has been a bad thing, of course - but here we are.

The pandemic has made all manner of seemingly obtuse concepts "normal". Of course, it depends on your frame of reference but ... take "click and collect" for instance.

So often simply a three-word slogan associated with online grocery ordering which you pick-up at your convenience. Not so much linked to libraries. Well, think again.

Libraries in some states have started to resume "normal operations". In one Queensland locale that's meant a drive-through service; in the ACT that's meant a 30-minute visit with hand sanitiser and no sitting or studying; while many other places have adopted the click and collect method.

And with Victoria's easing of restrictions, Goldfields Library Corporation chief executive Mark Hands said from June 1, the region's libraries would be reopening for a limited 'click and collect' service.

Visits would be capped at 30 minutes but the anticipation of socially-distanced human interaction is building.

"We're really excited to see people," he said. "We know there will be a lot of grateful patrons. All we're going to ask is for the patrons to follow the restrictions and be respectful of the changes."

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