The Cessnock Advertiser's Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2020

ROUGH: A section of Sandy Creek Road.

ROUGH: A section of Sandy Creek Road.


I've no doubt there will be many complaints about roads that should be upgraded on the Cessnock area, however one of our most popular main roads has degraded so badly it's now only a matter of time before a fatality results.

I'm referring to Sandy Creek Road in the Quorrobolong section between the new bridge and road section in Bow Wow Gorge and Quorrobolong Road.

Sandy Creek Road carries all types and sizes of traffic through to Cessnock, Paxton, Ellalong, Millfield and Wollombi.

Bear in mind that from Quorrobolong onwards this is mainly speed derestricted at 100km/h.

Despite a semi-regular visit from the council to try and patch the enormous potholes that occur regularly thereby creating a patchwork surface on dangerous bends, sections of the roadside - where, a number of years ago, council tried to widen the road by adding 'wings' each side of the road - have now subsided so badly that all users try in vain to stay in the middle of the road to avoid them.

The temporary 'rough road' signs have been there so long the star pickets holding them are rusting into the ground.

In the past fortnight we have seen a number of accidents along Sandy Creek Road.

I applaud the works about to be carried out on the dangerous 'patchwork' bend outside of the Hunter Valley Retreat where a motorcyclist lost his life, however no amount of barriers and signs will overcome the appalling state of Sandy Creek Road. This must be addressed as a matter of urgency!

David Willard, Quorrobolong

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