Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools recognise 2020 Education Week award recipients

The Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools celebrated Education Week this week with a range of special activities and events.

The schools (Cessnock and Mount View High and their 13 feeder primary schools) demonstrated their flexibility and adjusted to the challenges of COVID-19, with many aspects of these celebrations delivered in an online capacity.

This year's Education Week is 'Learning Together', and it was a great time to recognise the strong bonds that CCGPS schools have forged with their parents and communities to support learning, despite all challenges.

"This year of bushfires, floods and COVID-19 has demonstrated how our schools are the cornerstones of our communities," Kitchener Public School principal Catherine Boorer said.

"As a CCGPS we have demonstrated class leading examples of collaboration between schools, parents and carers as we rose to the challenge of learning together."

CCGPS's Education Week awards ceremony was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions on assemblies, so the schools shared a online video celebrating this year's recipients.

Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools 2020 Education Week Awards recipients

Excellence in Teaching

  • Janine Roberson, Abermain PS
  • Georgia Smith, Bellbird PS
  • Tim Plater, Cessnock HS
  • Amy Lovegrove, Cessnock HS
  • Kathy Cameron, Cessnock PS
  • Garry Wyborn, Cessnock East PS
  • Andrea Searle, Cessnock West PS
  • Susan Stipack, Kearsley PS
  • Chloe Power, Kitchener PS
  • Lisa Hunt, Mount View HS
  • Brian Means, Mount View HS
  • Teena Craft, Nulkaba PS
  • Suzanne Firth, Paxton PS

Contributions by a Non-Teaching Staff Member

  • Kerrie Morgan, Abermain PS
  • Shellie Newman, Bellbird PS
  • Nicola Murphy, Cessnock HS
  • Debbie Duncan, Cessnock PS
  • Melissa Brown, Cessnock East PS
  • Donna Gargano, Cessnock West PS
  • Merryn McDonald, Ellalong PS
  • Blake Archbold, Kitchener PS
  • Natalie McNamara, Laguna PS
  • Tina O'Sullivan, Millfield PS
  • Nicole Haley, Mount View HS
  • Em Thompson, Mount View HS
  • Tina Appleby, Nulkaba PS
  • Kim Swinburn, Paxton PS

Excellence in Student Achievement

  • Daelin McWhirter, Abermain PS
  • Charlotte Lewis, Bellbird PS
  • Jesse Knight, Cessnock HS
  • Indira Thomas-Brothers, Cessnock PS
  • Abby Prater, Cessnock East PS
  • Malayan Donovan, Cessnock West PS
  • Gabrielle Lindsay, Congewai PS
  • Ellen Beckett, Ellalong PS
  • Zarhn Webber, Kearsley PS
  • Seth Johnston, Kitchener PS
  • Tyler Yeoman, Laguna PS
  • Tayah Cooper, Millfield PS
  • Fei Fei Lui, Mount View HS
  • Chelsea Webb, Mount View HS
  • Mackenzie Cronin Nulkaba PS
  • Noah Grunsell, Paxton PS

School Achievement Awards

  • Bounceback!, Bellbird PS
  • F1 Program, Cessnock HS
  • Wellbeing Hub, Cessnock PS
  • Home Reading Program, Cessnock East PS
  • CWPS Sport Program, Cessnock West PS
  • Pink Pop-Ups, Kearsley PS
  • Motorbike Program, Mount View HS
  • LifeSkills, Nulkaba PS
  • PBL, Paxton PS

Outstanding Contributions by a School Community Member

  • Jenny Hodgins, Bellbird PS
  • Holly Watts, Cessnock HS
  • Lisa Whiting, Cessnock PS
  • Kaylene Snape, Cessnock West PS
  • Amy Archibald, Kearsley PS
  • Rachel Ingham, Kitchener PS
  • Janet Ho, Laguna PS
  • Pam Dodgson, Millfield PS
  • Chris Watson, Mount View HS
  • Aaron and Kathryn McDonald, Nulkaba PS
  • Paxton Public School Parents and Carers, Paxton PS
  • The Cessnock East Public School Community, Cessnock East PS

Leadership awards

  • Tracy Hickey, Bellbird PS
  • Rebecca Screen, Cessnock HS
  • Larayne Jeffery, Mount View HS
  • Catherine Boorer, Kitchener PS
  • Melissa Trigg, Kearsley PS