Michèle Heibel's 'Making Time' exhibition opens at Gallery 33 Laguna on December 4

EXHIBITION: Michèle Heibel with some of the works featured in her upcoming exhibition at Gallery 33 Laguna. Picture: Nicole Spears
EXHIBITION: Michèle Heibel with some of the works featured in her upcoming exhibition at Gallery 33 Laguna. Picture: Nicole Spears

Lovedale artist Michèle Heibel hopes her latest exhibition will help people realise the importance of slowing down and taking time for self-care.

The exhibition, titled Making Time, will open at Gallery 33 Laguna this Friday evening.

"My inspiration for the 'Making Time' exhibition was that I would often have people tell me how my works reminded them of a time long gone, moments they missed or yearned for," she said.

"And what I found interesting about this was that none of my scenes were actually bound to a point in time.

"A father can still grab a wheelbarrow and give his kids a ride around in it, a person can still sit down and write a letter by hand. Nowadays the only thing missing is ... time."

Michèle says with today's technology and 24/7 access, people are spreading themselves too thin.

"And when you spread yourself too thin you reach breaking point. You can work anywhere, anytime, you can join a thousand causes, each equally worthy, meet a thousand good people, each one deserving of your friendship, read a thousand facts, all worth knowing," she said.

"But, there comes a time where you need to step back and choose a few things and then do them very, very well. And don't feel guilty, because the ripple effect in helping to make your home, community and, in turn, world a better place will be far greater."


Michèle said she recently learned how important it is to make time for yourself and to treat yourself as you would your friend.

"Your children will always be grateful for your sacrifices, but they will never be happy about them, because their greatest wish is to spend time with you and to see you well," she said.

"This past year especially has seen a lot of people suffer and you quickly come to realise that it is an absolute privilege to see yourself grow older and that the key to making your days last longer is not to rush because 'life is short' but instead, to slow down.

"I hope this exhibition will encourage those who are struggling to give themselves permission to try and find a quiet place in their lives and to know that looking after their own wellbeing is not a selfish act, but a gift to the people who really care about them."

Michèle says she's very much looking forward to being at the opening night on Friday.

"I think it is wonderfully fitting that this collection will be released in Laguna, where I know there are families in the community that still create moments like the ones in my artworks every day," she said.

The opening event will run from 5pm to 7pm and all are welcome.

Janine Oliver of Gallery 33 says: "Feel free to make some time, to drop in for some wine and maybe some cheese, and discover the stories behind Michele's art. She will be there to tell you all about it".

Making Time will run until March 29. Works will be available to take home at the time of purchase.

Gallery 33 is located at 3718 Great North Road, Laguna and is open Thursday to Monday, or by appointment (email janine@gallery33laguna.com.au).