The Cessnock Advertiser's Letters to the Editor: December 23, 2020

HAVE YOUR SAY: We accept letters by post or email. See our contact details below.
HAVE YOUR SAY: We accept letters by post or email. See our contact details below.


Last Saturday (December 12) we took a lovely floral arrangement of Christmas bush to our daughter's grave at Aberdare cemetery.

Today (Tuesday, December 15) on our way past the cemetery we called in and were disgusted to find that someone had taken the Christmas container and the flowers.

We were very distressed by this. How low can people be that they steal flowers from a cemetery?

We really hope that the person who took - no, stole our late daughter's flowers has a wonderful Christmas!

Margaret and John Albury, Cessnock


Joel Fitzgibbon (Canberra Report, The Advertiser, December 9) hopes we learn from our "annus horribilis" and says that "we need structural reform and a fundamental re-think".

Joel said we should "get more crude oil out of the ground ... we have the technical expertise to extract our natural resources without doing harm to the environment".

Science does not advocate that we 'get more crude oil out of the ground', it tells us that we can learn to use less fossil fuel, through better town planning, public transport, walking more, riding a bicycle, hybrid cars, and electric vehicles too. Science advocates a transition to renewable energy sources that will reduce our CO2 emissions to zero. Wind, solar, and hydrogen technologies for example.

Science informs us that oil extraction damages the environment and burning fossil fuel releases CO2 - a major contributor to climate change. Electricity creates 33.4% of Australia's CO2 emissions and transport 18.3% (Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, June 2020).

Our leaders listened to the science-based health advice about the spread and control of COVID-19 and we've done remarkably well in comparison to other countries.

The horror of 2020 has taught us that we can trust science experts.

We must demand that our leaders listen to the climate scientists when making decisions about our future energy needs.

Llynda Nairn, Millfield

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CORRECTION: Ray Peck's advice to Joel Fitzgibbon (Letters, 16/12) should have concluded "2021 would be an "annus bonus". He apologises unreservedly to all scholars of Latin.