Each NRL club's approach to 2pt drop goals

Souths skipper Adam Reynolds says he's practiced the two-point field goal in pre-season training.
Souths skipper Adam Reynolds says he's practiced the two-point field goal in pre-season training.


PENRITH - Nathan Cleary: "It's cool, it's another dimension and adds a bit of excitement. I've been practicing, we've spoken about it a bit. It's situational."

MELBOURNE - Cameron Munster: "If you're one point down and you get past halfway on fourth or fifth tackle you may as well go for it. Sometimes you have to take the risk."

PARRAMATTA - Mitch Moses: "I don't think (it will come into play). It's a bit of a risky play, if you put it dead it's seven tackles. We haven't practiced it too much."

SYDNEY ROOSTERS - Luke Keary: "I don't think mine will get there. It gives you a chance at the end of a game. But it's not going to be a tactic, I think it will be like the 20-40."

CANBERRA - George Williams: "It's a big risk. It's only a last-chance saloon. I haven't been practising it."

SOUTH SYDNEY - Adam Reynolds: "If there is a point in the game where I feel like momentum is shifting I will have a shot. It's something I've thought about."

NEWCASTLE - Blake Green: I don't think it will be a major change to the game. You might see the occasional attempt but it's not something we've trained for."

CRONULLA - Chad Townsend: "It will be a 20-40 thing where people won't set up for it. The only time you will see it happen when a team is outside 40 on the last play of a game. The percentages say it's not worth it."

GOLD COAST - Ash Taylor: "It's not something we practice ... I haven't really given a lot of thought to it."

WARRIORS - Kodi Nikorima: "I'd rather do a 20-40 than a 40-metre field goal. There could be times where it's a draw and it's last tackle, but I don't think it will be a set play."

WESTS TIGERS - Luke Brooks: "I think it will come in towards the end of halves, you could have a crack."

ST GEORGE ILLAWARRA - Ben Hunt: "I don't think there is going to be anywhere in a game where you're down by two points and think I'll kick one from 50 metres out to get us even."

MANLY - Daly Cherry-Evans: "I can't honestly say that I'm thinking, let's take the two from 40 out with a field goal. They're a hard kick."

NORTH QUEENSLAND - Michael Morgan: "We haven't spoken about it. If you're desperate I guess you might have a crack at it, but we haven't tried it out yet."

CANTERBURY - Kyle Flanagan: "We've been practicing it just before halftime. But other than that I don't really see them happening too much."

BRISBANE - Jamayne Isaako: "I could easily see it coming into play this season. It's something we've thought about and done a bit of work on."

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