Medical negligence just one aspect covered in podcast launched by Hunter law firm

CASTING CALL: Senior Associate at Catherine Henry Lawyers Tanya Chapman who will host the podcast.
CASTING CALL: Senior Associate at Catherine Henry Lawyers Tanya Chapman who will host the podcast.

People will be able to get information and insights into how the law can help them and protect them as they age in a new podcast being launched by Hunter law firm Catherine Henry Lawyers.

The Growing Stronger podcast will look at the hot topics and cases in wills and contested estates, elder law, family law and health law and what they mean for people, particularly older people.

The podcast host is the firm's senior associate and experienced elder lawyer, Tanya Chapman. Ms Chapman said the podcast will delve into some intriguing and troubling cases in an interesting way, with occasional guest experts.

"Listeners will get a better understanding of the issues and their rights, as well as practical things they can do to protect themselves," Ms Chapman said.

Topics will include wills and contested estates, elder abuse, aged care accommodation, separation and divorce, and health care.

"Rather than being a law lecture we will be looking at topics such as inheritance impatience, granny napping, the awful things family members do to each other over a will, and how to take action for a health mis-diagnosis or error."

"We want to help our audience to be stronger by increasing their knowledge of legal issues and risks that affect them, make them aware of their rights, and encourage them to put themselves first and protect themselves, even when dealing with family members."

Ms Chapman said she has drawn on her experience as an elder lawyer, as well as a volunteer with an aged care Community Visitor Scheme, to create the idea for and content of the podcast. She has worked in private practice and with the Elder Abuse Legal Service within the NSW Legal Aid Commission. Podcasting is not new to Ms Chapman. She worked for Sydney's College of Law as a senior content developer and wrote and produced an Age, Abuse & Justice Youtube video series and podcast whilst with Legal Aid.

The podcast is free. It is available from the Catherine Henry Lawyers website ( ) as well as all podcast apps. The Growingstrongerpodcast Facebook group gives people notifications of new episodes and the opportunity to comment and discuss the podcast cases with others.

The first 3 episodes

Episode 1: Medical negligence and health care in regional and rural NSW with Catherine Henry

Special guest Catherine Henry discusses some medical negligence cases she has been involved in, including a case the administration of the wrong drug; a misdiagnosis that led to multiple organ failure; and a weight-loss operation that ended in death. Catherine talks about seeking social justice through health litigation and the problems with health services in regional and rural NSW.

Episode 2: Granny Napping

Tanya Chapman discusses a case where a son removed his 85-year-old incapacitated mother from a nursing home, against the orders of her doctors and her appointed guardian and took her to another state. Who has the power to decide where people live and what can people do to protect their rights and wishes as they get older?

Episode 3: What happened to mum's estate?

Special guest and elder law expert, Richard McCullagh, discusses a case where an adult son moved in with his aging mother, cut her off from her daughter, and helped himself to about $3.3m of his mother's money and property. How can people protect themselves from financial elder abuse?

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