How to know if you have the right wedding planner

How to know if you have the right wedding planner

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There are many compelling reasons to hire an event manager for your wedding.

In consideration of the amount of time and preparation required to organise a big day, an increasing number of couples are hiring wedding planners to help prepare their day.

There are lots of wedding planners out there who claim to provide the finest services. Each of them also has varying experiences and different styles or approaches in their work. How do you pick the right planner?

What does an ideal wedding planner do?

If you've been daydreaming about your dream wedding since you were little, you must have had an ideal in mind.

You might already have a vision of original wedding bouquets you've been dreaming of carrying with you as you walk down the aisle. With all the details you have to consider before the big day, your ideal wedding planner must help alleviate any possible stressors while bringing your wedding goals to life.

There is an endless list of things your wedding planner can effectively manage and control during your wedding day. The right one must be capable of performing the tasks mentioned below.

They make expert judgements

There's a lot of things going on behind the scenes of a wedding ceremony. Planning is not just all about picking flowers or tabletop decorations, considering you're likely expecting about many guests. An ideal planner is someone who can juggle the responsibilities of a budget manager, event coordinator, designer, and so much more.

As their client, you must depend on them to handle anything on your checklists-from selecting design specifics to reviewing manufacturer contracts and coping with emergencies. Their knowledge and organisational skills are their most valuable assets, particularly for busy couples who might not have enough time to manage everything.

Furthermore, competent wedding planners are informed of everything there is to know about throwing a wedding, down to the smallest details. Consequently, they must be linked with top venues and specialists in your area, ensuring that you have the best team of professionals to pull off your big day. Simply put, a knowledgeable planner is instrumental in throwing the best wedding.

They offer professional advice

When you're engaged, your family or circle of friends may offer various advice that may cloud your judgment. However, if you have a wedding planner who takes time to learn your style and perspective without bias, they might offer you better and fresher ideas.

Wedding planners must offer reliable, well-informed, and creative feedback. Set a schedule to sit with them and discuss all aspects of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception or after-party.

Brainstorm all possible concepts and inspirations together. This way, you'll find clarity and confidence in your chosen wedding concept, theme, and style.

They oversee your budget

The overall creation and management of the budget is a tiresome and daunting activity. But the good news is, this is something your planner can do on your behalf.

It's perfectly all right to delegate this to your wedding planner, as long as you provide him or her with the necessary support to devise the budget and keep records of it in the process.

They can turn your dreams into reality

Although they can't magically turn a pumpkin into a wedding car, your wedding planner can help turn your ideas into reality. In your first meeting, you need to build up your rapport and camaraderie. You'll be working together with them for a year or two, and you'll likely spend a lot of time together.

Tell them everything you want to happen and ask them any questions relevant to the special event. The ideal wedding planner should be familiar with all of the appropriate venues or suppliers to pull off your dream wedding.

You can leave everything to them

You can consider your wedding planner your safety net. If a problem occurs (which usually happens), they'll be there to fix it, and you don't have to worry about anything.

They can make the call to move your gathering indoors when it rains or locate your collection of antique wine glasses before the first cocktail of the day.

It's your wedding day and it would be best if you can savour every unforgettable moment without getting overwhelmed with the details. Instead of worrying over a mishandled floral arrangement or a ruined wedding cake, you should be able to spend essential quality time with your loved ones. Entrust your wedding planner with all the details and enjoy the day.

Final Thoughts

Do you think that you've found 'the one' in terms of wedding planning? If yes, then congratulations! After all, your wedding ceremony is a journey. If you've found a wedding planner you can trust with all the preparations, then you'll likely have a memorable and stress-free day filled with love.