Beyond Bank fundraising drive supports Mai-Wel

BEYOND A BOOST: Beyond Bank has teamed up with Mai-Wel in a funding campaign for the not for profit disability service.

BEYOND A BOOST: Beyond Bank has teamed up with Mai-Wel in a funding campaign for the not for profit disability service.

Beyond Bank is doubling donations for people with disability and job seekers in Cessnock.

The bank is calling on the Cessnock community to help raise money forMai-Wel's Cessnock site.

Donations made to Mai-Wel on November 23 and 24 via Beyond Bank's online fundraising portal will be doubled up to $10,000.

In 2020, Mai-Wel brought it's Cessnock-based services under the one roof at 201 Vincent Street joining Mai-Wel's community, social and recreational NDIS supports together with Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions employment services.

The new site is a one-stop-shop for people with disability and job seekers in Cessnock to access Mai-Wel's services.

Now, Mai-Wel in Cessnock needs your help. As a not-for-profit organisations, donations are vital to improve and expand the opportunities Mai-Wel can provide to it's participants and job seekers.

Fundraising and donations go a long way in filling the gaps in the service funding Mai-Wel receives and helps fund improvements and maintenance of facilities and resources.

"We're so excited to take part in Beyond Bank's Double Donation Days," said a Mai-Wel spokesperson.

Donations open the doorway to so many more opportunities beyond what Mai-Wel can do with its regular funding. This includes the essentials, like upgrading its facility and maintenance, to sourcing new musical instruments for its Creative Arts program.

"I want to extend a huge thank you to Beyond Bank for providing this opportunity," the Mai-Wel spokesperson said.

"We're proud to offer a space that brings opportunities to job seekers and people with disability in Cessnock.

"For job seekers in Cessnock we offer our Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions specialist employment service providing both Disability Employment Services (DES) and Transition to Work (TtW) youth employment services.

"Our employment services are really focused on supporting those disadvantaged communities that other job providers might not have the right support for," the spokesperson said.

"Our site on Vincent Street also offers a range of really fun and vibrant disability support programs aiming to build participant's skills and independence for employment, facilitate social and community access and encourage self expression through creative arts.

"Our individualised programs of support are here to support people with disability to achieve their goals.

"People are asked to please hold on to their donations for Mai-Wel until November 23 and 24 when the Beyond Bank Double Donation Days campaign is underway."

On these days donors can visit to be directed to the official Beyond Bank donation portal, or they can visit to make their financial contribution to support Mai-Wel's Cessnock-based services facilities.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.Mai-Wel's Double Donation fundraising days will be powered by the Beyond Bank Australia Foundation, the charitable arm of Beyond Bank, which works closely with not-for-profit organisations around the nation to ensure that they have the support they need to grow and prosper.