Four new COVID-19 cases detected in SA

Liberal Senator Alex Antic has been placed in hotel quarantine in Adelaide.
Liberal Senator Alex Antic has been placed in hotel quarantine in Adelaide.

Four new COVID-19 cases have been detected in South Australia.

Of the new cases reported on Friday, three were men aged between 20 and 70-years-old, with the other being a woman in her 30s.

Two new infections were interstate travellers, while a third case attended an event linked to the Norwood cluster.

Investigations are ongoing to determine how they acquired their infection.

The last case has yet to be linked to a known source of infection, but the person spent time in the Port Noarlunga region of the state.

Those in the Onkaparinga local council area are urged to get tested if they display any COVID-19 symptoms.

There have been 957 cases of COVID-19 reported in South Australia to date.

The new cases come as Scott Morrison expressed disappointment in Liberal Alex Antic for misleading him about his vaccination status, after the South Australian senator was detained in hotel quarantine.

The senator, who has been a fierce opponent of vaccine mandates, was taken into two weeks of quarantine upon arrival in Adelaide on Thursday night from Canberra following the last sitting of parliament for the year.

All unvaccinated travellers entering South Australia are required to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine.

Just last week, Mr Morrison told Adelaide radio Senator Antic was double-dose vaccinated.

The prime minister said he was "disappointed" to be misled by Senator Antic and that his radio statement was not corrected by the senator.

"That was certainly my understanding, that he had been double vaccinated, and I had discussed vaccinations and made it very clear that that's what I understood," Mr Morrison told reporters on Friday.

"I was surprised to learn that, it's as simple as that. I was advised he was double vaccinated."

The prime minister said Senator Antic was entitled to his choice to not get vaccinated.

"I was of the understanding that he had been double vaccinated and my office had been advised he had been double vaccinated," he said.

"I could only work on that assumption, and that assumption proved to be incorrect."

Asked on Friday why he was taken to a hotel to quarantine for two weeks, Senator Antic told ABC radio that was "a very good question".

"That's a question you might like to direct to the bureaucratic overlords at SA Health," he added.

"I seem to have been singled out in what appears to be a political stunt and the only inference you can really draw from this is this has been quite pre-meditated," he told the ABC.

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