New support group for grieving parents could be formed

The Compassionate Friends NSW will hold a public meeting at Cessnock Ex-Services Club on Friday, March 22 to introduce the organisation to the Cessnock community.

The Compassionate Friends is part of a world-wide self-help organisation offering friendship and understanding to families following the death of a son or daughter, brother or sister or grandchild.

The primary purpose is to assist bereaved families in their learning to live with their new reality after the death of a child.

TCF NSW reaches out to all bereaved families irrespective of religion, race, financial status or nationality. It has no affiliation with any religious or philosophical organisation.

“TCF understands that every bereaved family member has individual needs and rights. At Compassionate Friends you will find understanding of those who have ‘been there’. There are no pressures to talk or not talk; to cry or not cry; just a chance to be yourself,” a group spokesperson said.

“By means of information, communication and support through companionship, many parents have found their sorrow to be more bearable.

“The aftermath following the death of a child is devastating and long-lasting, taking many years to accommodate.

“In all countries where Compassionate Friends operates research indicates that the shared experience is most effective in reducing the isolation of grief.”

A couple of TCF NSW members attend the meeting and will explain how the Compassionate Friends is organised, operates and how it has helped them. They will also give a brief explanation of what needs to be done to form a local chapter and will be taking details of people who are interested in starting a local chapter.

A second meeting will be held at the club on Friday, April 5. Both meetings will start at 11am.

For more information, visit, phone Jeanette on 0419 432 066 or email