Record number seek seats on Cessnock Council

Ten people will be seeking the mayoralty and 79 a seat on the new council that will be decided at the September 8 Local Government elections.

Eight of the candidates for mayor are sitting councillors and the last to indicate intentions to stand is Kurri businessman Toby Thomas. John Harvey from Quorrobolong is the other candidate not already on council.

Seeking the mayor’s position and as the candidates appear after last Wednesday’s draw for positions on the ballot paper are Alison Davey, James Ryan, Toby Thomas, Bob Pynsent, Cordelia Burcham, John Harvey, Allan McCudden, Ian Olsen, Rachel Main and Neil Gorman.

Seventy nine people will be contesting the 12 seats on council with 18 in Ward A, 21 in Ward B, 22 in Ward C and 18 in Ward D.

The number standing for mayor as well as the number seeking seats on the various wards is most likely a record.

The Advertiser’s Managing Editor, Bruce Wilson, said he cannot recall these numbers during his 42 years covering council. Cr. Jeff Maybury, who has served 32 years on council and seeking re-election next month, said he cannot recall this number standing for office.

He said he is pleased to see so many people interested in local government.

Candidates for Ward A and under group Letter A are Cordelia Burcham, Jacob Brogan and Patricia Groizard. Group Letter B are Jennifer Stefanac, Nadia Banning and Denise Bowen. Group letter C, David Atwell, Fiona Bateman and Valerie Milgate. Letter D Allan Stapleford, Sophie Hedges and Clive Dunnicliff. Letter E, James Hawkins, Damien Wallace and Joshua Crossley. First drawn ungrouped, Alison Davey, second drawn Kerrie Stevens and third drawn William Bragg.

Candidates for Ward B

Group Letter A Laura-Lea Hales, Bronwen Stewart and Jessica Wood, Group Letter B, Ian Olsen, Alan Drummond and Mitchell Olsen. Group Letter C, Robert Pynsent, Morgan Campbell and Mark Lyons. Group letter D, Michael Palmer, Louise Heslop and Margaret Kennedy. Group Letter E, Gregory Astill, Roman Suwald and Rhonda Astill. Group Letter F, Rachel Main, Kate Field and Luke Main. Group letter G, Bryce Gibson, Belinda Metcalfe and Todd Troy.

Candidates for Ward C are: Group Letter A, Chris Parker, Margaret Brough and Roderick Woodhouse. Group Letter B, Bronwyn Musgrove, Paul Hocking and Alexandra Morphett. Group Letter C, Suellen Wrightson, Jesse Orrock and Erin Jackson. Group Letter D, Jeff Maybury, Catherine Parsons and Brian Lea. Group Letter E, Felishar Marshall, Russell Stone and Cheryl-Ann Leggatt. Group Letter F, Allan McCudden, Peter McKenzie, Tania Fenwick. Ungrouped, Stephen Hedger, Josef Krausert, Scott Gunther, Anna Krausert.

Candidates for Ward D are: Group Letter A, Graham Smith, Ron Besoff and Darrin Gray. Group Letter B, James Ryan, Claire Cosh and Pamela Fitzsimons. Group Letter C, Rod Doherty, Carol Doherty and Maureen King. Group Letter D, Neil Gorman, Lloyd Parker-Manderson and Robert Marshall. Group Letter E, John Harvey, Graham Skeates and Kylie Mychas. Ungrouped, Kurt Darcey, Pip Oddie, Helena Hodgson.

The Advertiser will be publishing profiles on the candidates in the Wednesday, September 5 edition. Candidates who wish to appear should send a recent photograph (preferably a JPG) and no more that 200 words. Profiles can either focus on personal details and or  policies.

BALLOT DRAW: A section of the gallery including sitting councillors and candidates at the draw for positions on the ballot paper last Wednesday.

BALLOT DRAW: A section of the gallery including sitting councillors and candidates at the draw for positions on the ballot paper last Wednesday.