Meryl Swanson: Unfair attacks on pensioners continue

I took the chance to speak in Parliament last week on the Government’s attacks on pensioners.

It was the day Malcolm Turnbull seemed to be reconsidering his abominable plan to raise the pension age to 70. But, no, it is still government policy.

A country like Australia should not have to keep its older Australians working to the age of 70.

I understand that some people do want to work until they are 70 and well beyond, and are capable of doing that. But if you are working as a labourer, a nurse, a farmer, a miner, a child care worker, an aged care worker, or in any other job requiring substantial physical exertion, working to 70 may not be possible.

But, as I said in Parliament, the Liberals don’t value pensioners.  Before the 2013 election, they promised no cuts to pensions and every single budget since they have tried to cut the pension.

I have heard from many pensioners in my electorate about how they have been affected by cuts to the assets test and deeming rates, the problems with Medicare and Centrelink, and how there is no one to help them when they try to contact these government agencies. 

Please know that you can contact me, and my office will do whatever we can to help you and get you answers. And I will continue to raise these issues in Parliament.

Now it seems the government is prepared to throw pensioners under a bus to get their dubious childcare reforms passed.

This robbing Peter to pay Paul is offensive, and an insult to the many people in our community who rely on, or have relied on, government benefits.


Many in our community will wear teal ribbons this month to help raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

It is a truly shocking disease, and I urge all women and girls to be vigilant. There is good information available at the Ovarian Cancer Australia website. Visit


HARSH: Malcolm Turnbull.

HARSH: Malcolm Turnbull.

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