'Off Beat' Cessnock police news: week ending May 14, 2017

Cannabis and ice allegedly found in vehicle search

Police stopped and searched the occupants of a suspicious vehicle last Monday afternoon in Bent Street, Cessnock.

Police allege during the search a small quantity of cannabis and the drug methylamphetamine (commonly known as ice) were located in the possession of a 31-year-old woman.

The woman will attend Cessnock Court.

Wallet handed in at police station

On Saturday night woman brought a wallet containing money and credit cards into Cessnock Police Station.

The woman found the wallet on the road in Cessnock.

Police have been able to identify the owner are in the process of returning the wallet.

This type of thing happens frequently, but it is good to recognise. Well done that woman.

Two women charged with trespassing and drug possession

On Sunday morning police apprehended two 36-year-old women who allegedly entered a Cessnock motel room without permission.

Upon arrest the women were searched and it is alleged that a small quantity of the illegal drug methylamphetamine was located.

The women will attend Cessnock Court.

Is your car safe?

Central Hunter Highway Patrol officers have been active in the local area, inspecting vehicles to make sure they are roadworthy.

In one matter a motorist was stopped in Pelaw Main and his vehicle was found to have no exhaust pipe, a bald tyre, a faulty bull bar and broken tail lights.

Police directed the man to rectify the issues immediately.

Explosives surrendered to police

Last Tuesday a number of commercial explosives and detonators were surrendered to police in the Laguna area.

Police will be arranging for their disposal.

Readers may not be aware that at present there is an amnesty on surrendering explosives to police.

So, if you have any explosive material, contact police and it will be removed without any repercussions.

Remember – do not bring any explosives into the police station. Ring or attend the police station and police will take it from there.