Burgerfiend hosts Chomp at Stomp burger-eating competition at 2018 Cessnock Stomp Festival

CHALLENGE: Burgerfiend owner Marlene Fulham encourages locals to take part in the Chomp at Stomp eating competition. Picture: Krystal Sellars
CHALLENGE: Burgerfiend owner Marlene Fulham encourages locals to take part in the Chomp at Stomp eating competition. Picture: Krystal Sellars

Cooper Street restaurant Burgerfiend will host its first-ever burger-eating competition at the Cessnock Stomp Festival on Sunday, April 8.

Burgerfiend owner Marlene Fulham said she was planning to hold a burger-eating competition for the restaurant’s first birthday in July, but decided to hold it during the Stomp festival when the crowds would be in town.

‘Chomp at Stomp’ has been sanctioned by Competitive Eating Australia, with nationally-ranked eaters expected to make an appearance.

Places are limited to eight per division, and are filling up quickly.

The first round, dubbed Locals vs Food, will take place at 10.40am and is open to Hunter residents aged over 18 and people with no competitive eating experience.

Competitors in this division will need to finish three double cheeseburgers (about 750-800 grams of beef) in 10 minutes. The first to finish will take home a cash prize of $150.

The second round – Freakin’ Starving – will be held at 2pm and is open to people over 18 with competitive eating experience, or the ability to consume a large amount of calories in one sitting.

These entrants will need to eat three triple Cheeky Fiends (including about 1.2 kilograms of beef) in 10 minutes, with a $250 prize for the winner.

The registration fee for Locals vs Food is $25, and Freakin’ Starving is $30. All entrants will take home an exclusive Chomp at Stomp competitor shirt.

Entries close Friday, March 16, if not sold out before. Call into Burgerfiend at 1E Cooper Street, email hello@burgerfiend.com.au or message their Facebook page for a registration form.

VIDEO: Get some tips from the Burger Urge Boston Cheeseburger Eating Competition in the post below.

Cessnock Chamber of Commerce president Clint Ekert said it was great to see businesses like Burgerfiend embracing the Stomp festival.

“The festival will see around 15,000 people to the event and we are encouraging all businesses to be creative in attracting visitors to their business on the day of the festival,” Mr Ekert said.

“Burgerfiend are members of the Cessnock Chamber of Commerce and are certainly taking advantage of the festival.

“We are excited that Cessnock will be showcasing the calibre of businesses we have to offer.”

The Stomp festival will run from 10am to 4pm in Vincent Street, Cessnock and entry is free.

Check out photos from last year’s festival in the gallery here, and the full 2018 program below.


Sunday, April 8 – Vincent Street, Cessnock

  • 10am: Opening ceremony
  • 10.30am: Stomp 1*
  • 10.40am: Chomp at Stomp round 1
  • 11am: Vines Fashion Parade
  • 11.30am: Stomp 2*
  • 12.30pm: Stomp 3*
  • 1pm: Vines Fashion Parade
  • 1.30pm: Stomp 4*
  • 2pm Pub vs Pub Challenge
  • 2pm: Chomp at Stomp round 2
  • 2.30pm: Stomp 5*
  • 3.30pm: Stomp 6*

*Buy your tickets for the Stomp competitions at cessnockstomp.com.