Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools Education Week Awards 2018 PHOTOS

More than 60 students, staff and community members were recognised for their achievements and contributions at the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools’ Education Week Awards on Wednesday.

Awards were presented for school programs, outstanding contributions by non-teaching staff and school community members and excellence in teaching and student achievement.

The awards were held at Cessnock High School and were hosted by the school’s 2018 captains Kyle Gospar and Tarnee White.

Special guests included Martin Rosser, director of Public Schools NSW, Mayor Bob Pynsent, and Graham Chamberlain from the Cessnock Lions Club.

Entertainment was provided by Cessnock High School student Trinity Woodhouse, the CCGPS Choir, members of Nulkaba Public School’s aerobics team, Kitchener Public School’s dance group and Laguna Public School’s marimba performance group.

The CCGPS is made up of 15 schools (Cessnock and Mount View High Schools and their feeder primary schools).


Outstanding Contribution By A Non-Teaching Member Of Staff

Kate Marquet – Abermain Public School

Janelle Parsons – Cessnock East Public School

Karen Simon – Cessnock High School

Marcia Abbott – Cessnock West Public School

Brad Hurst – Congewai Public School

Jude Dodd – Kearsley Public School

Keith Collier – Kitchener Public School

May Orr – Millfield Public School

Joel Curran – Mount View High School

Lincoln Comans – Mount View High School

Robyn Elder – Nulkaba Public School

Bobbie Orr – Paxton Public School

Outstanding Contribution By A School Community Member

Deb Jolly – Abermain Public School

Jillian Lewis – Abermain Public School

Kristen Bailey – Bellbird Public School

Megan Lunn – Cessnock East Public School

Uncle Richard Edwards – Cessnock High School

Aunty Sharon Edgar Jones – Cessnock High School

Candice Hunter – Cessnock Public School

Tina Scott – Cessnock Public School

David Jurd – Cessnock West Public School

Kirsty Formosa – Ellalong Public School

Jenny Brooks – Kearsley Public School

Kate Bradshaw – Kitchener Public School

Denise Bush – Laguna Public School

Kim Cagney – Millfield Public School

Natasha Morris – Mount View High School

Mr and Mrs Kerr – Nulkaba Public School

Mr and Mrs Beckett – Nulkaba Public School

Kate Walker – Paxton Public School

Excellence In Teaching

Will Power – Abermain Public School

Tracy Hickey – Bellbird Public School

Sharni Wynands – Cessnock east Public School

Kristen Pollock – Cessnock High School

Eliza Lewis – Cessnock High School

Ashley Welsh – Cessnock Public School

Anne McDonald – Cessnock West Public School

Lauren Trappel – Congewai Public School

Anna O’Brien – Ellalong Public School

Tracey Graham – Kearsley public School

Cathy Vogt – Kitchener Public School

Jennie Capstick – Laguna Public School

Emily Pringle – Millfield Public School

Cameron Daniels – Mount View High School

Jessica Schafer – Mount View High School

Ashley Schilder – Nulkaba Public School

Excellence In Student Achievement

Ebony Flannery – Abermain Public School

Isabella Case – Bellbird Public School

Ruby Bradley – Cessnock East Public School

Kyle Gosper – Cessnock High School

Summer Lawler – Cessnock Public School

Claire Mitchell – Cessnock West Public School

Cain Muir – Congewai Public School

Lucy Beckett – Ellalong Public School

Izaiah Webber – Kearsley Public School

Chloe Hammond – Kitchener Public School

Brody Ablett – Laguna Public School

Makayla Cagney – Millfield Public School

Jordyn Jeffery – Mount View High School

Rose Lucas – Mount View High School

Tahni Beckett – Nulkaba Public School

Nicole Siggins – Paxton Public School

School Achievement Award

Abermain Playgroup - Abermain Public School

Bellbird School Parliament – Bellbird Public School

Technology Program – Cessnock East Public School

WEA PCYC Links To Learning Program – Cessnock High School

Stage 3 Future Focus and STEM Programs – Cessnock Public School

Behavioural Reading – Kitchener Public School

Positive Behaviour Management – Laguna Public School

Come And Try School Program (CATS) – Millfield Public School

Outdoor Leaning Area – Mount View High School

Environmental Leadership Team – Nulkaba Public School