$2 million Hunter Valley tourism campaign launched

SERENITY: The Hunter Valley is the focus of a new $2 million marketing campaign
SERENITY: The Hunter Valley is the focus of a new $2 million marketing campaign

The natural beauty and myriad activities throughout the Hunter Valley have been taken to the nation with a new $2 million marketing campaign.

Dubbed Hunter Valley, Here’s To The Good Life, the current drive marks the first time in two decades that the region had been the subject of a major campaign.

Jo Thomas, general manager of the Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association said the the campaign was industry-led with funding matched by Destination NSW.

“There have been smaller campaigns for the Hunter Valley before but not one of this magnitute for some time,” she said.

“$300,000 was raised locally – Cessnock and Singleton councils contributed money and did a number of local businesses. A lot of people got involved from St Philip’s Christian College right through to a lot of the big-name wine producers in the region.

“And Destination NSW were also fantastic in going above and beyond to more than match the funding.”

Launched on Saturday, the campaign features a new website  and a series of videos that will be shown across television, cinema and digital and outdoor platforms.

Much of the campaign’s imagery is black and white and Ms Thomas said it was a conscious decision to work as a counterpoint to more colourful campaigns and to highlight the region’s history and, at the same time, sophistication.

“Going with the black and white was a strategic move,” she said. “We wanted to touch on the fact that the region is steeped in history – we are the oldest grape growing region in the country,” she said.

“We also wanted to show that the region is also quite sophisticated and innovative –  for example, out accommodation and tourism offerings are world class.”

Another touchstone of the campaign is the phrase “when was the last time,” and Ms Thomas said that the phrase was meant to entice the campaign’s target audience out of their “rat race” lives.

“The target audience are busy people that are caught up with work,” she said. “And that phrase is designed to get people thinking about the last time they adjusted their work/life balance.”

Ms Thomas added that the current campaign would be followed up with two more annual campaigns and it is estimated that visitation to the region will increase by 10 per cent over the next three years.

Upon launching the campaign, Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall said it was unlike anything seen in the area.

“We’ve delivered something that’s like nothing the region has ever done before,” he said. 

“This campaign cements the Hunter Valley’s coveted position as a long-acknowledged and highly applauded tourist destination for Australians and international visitors.”

Hunter Valley - Here's To The Good Life marketing campaign video