Keep Valentine's Day real

So what is love? Much has been written and said about this emotion and feeling. It is heady, intoxicating and all consuming.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to spoil your loved one with a card, gift or special outing.

Particularly those that are still in the early stages of dating or have a crush on somebody will use the day to profess their love with red roses, jewellery, chocolates, perfume and much more.

Some cynics say it’s just for retailers to make some money while others think that love should be shown to each other every day of the year and not just on February 14!

Whatever an individual’s thoughts on this, it’s a day that still makes a lot of people happy and sets hearts aflutter. Hopefully.

Some though may be disappointed if they don’t get a gift while others may unfortunately receive a rejection from the recipient.

What has become a trend though is the magnitude of the gift or outing.

Much like weddings and birthday parties of the last decade or so, it’s all OTT – over the top.

Great, if you can afford it and have the time, spending hours and hours getting the gift or event happening.

What happened to a cute gift card and a single rose or a small box of chocolates or something special that the person knows his or her loved one really likes?

Now that will simply not do by today’s standards, according to advertisements for diamond earrings and balloon flights.

Here is a typical itinerary:

He or she trawls online for many hours to find a truly unique gift.

But that’s not all. They get a drone to drop the parcel on the doorstep of their loved one - preferably in the early morning as they have a lot of other outings planned.

This gift needs to be accompanied by a huge bunch of David Austin red roses (only the best) and helium balloons that say “I love you”.

This is the moment the lucky recipient gets called on their mobile to look outside because a plane will fly a banner across the sky with another message of love. 

Now is the time to get the rundown of the day’s activities and itinerary.

  • 11am - coffee at the trendiest cafe and a quick shop at a jewellery store to pick whatever they like
  • Noon - boat cruise with a full-course lunch and champagne
  • 3pm - gourmet picnic on the shore
  • 6pm - dinner at a top restaurant
  • 9pm - romantic walk along the promenade

If you had the time, a balloon flight early in the morning but only if you know your loved one won’t be grumpy all day about getting up at the crack of dawn.

“Just realise that gift giving and the profession of love doesn’t come down to the amount that is spent,” a marriage celebrant said.

“It is said that the bigger the engagement diamond ring, the more likely the wedding will fail but the main thing is that it’s all within your budget.

“By spoiling someone with expensive gifts means that love could fly out the window when money disappears.

“Everyone likes to be spoilt but having an expensive and eventful Valentine’s Day may lead to expectations you can’t fulfil year after year.

“Begin as you mean to carry on.

“Know the person and you’ll know what they may expect - some are happy with a beautiful card while others do expect some bling.

“What counts is the mutual respect, communication, caring and sincere love between you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day - enjoy the day together but keep expectations real.

No excuse needed: Valentine’s Day on February 14 is a wonderful excuse and reason to spoil your loved one with a card, gift or special outing.

No excuse needed: Valentine’s Day on February 14 is a wonderful excuse and reason to spoil your loved one with a card, gift or special outing.