Why not combine murals and mullets in Kurri Kurri

The second annual Mulletfest attracted some fierce competition.
The second annual Mulletfest attracted some fierce competition.

Whether you like it or not, the Chelmsford Hotel's Mulletfest has been a raging success for Kurri Kurri.

The inaugural event last year went global, surprising everyone - including the organisers, who started the event as a fun way to pretty much save the pub from going under.

But this year the event proved it wasn't just a one hit wonder.

Mulletfest came back with a boom in February - more categories, money for charity and even its own theme song.

There were more than 100 entries in the array of mullet categories, from people far and wide. There was even an international section where people submitted a photo online to compete.

A date has already been set for the third Mulletfest - February 29, 2020 (so start growing those locks now).

Based on the success of the event so far, one would have to think Mulletfest has some longevity, which funnily enough is what the entrants - some of whom have had their hairdos since the 1980s - think the mullet style has too.

So now a thought has crossed our minds.

Kurri Kurri is known as the town of murals, it has also now become the town of mullets - why not combine the two?

There are currently more than 60 murals displayed around the town. The mural organisation, Towns With Heart, even runs tours dedicated to the outdoor artworks, which showcase the heritage and history of Kurri Kurri.

There are murals exhibiting the town's mining history, the drive-in and speedway, the beloved rugby league team the Bulldogs and the former aluminium smelter.

So it makes sense that an event that has stamped itself a spot on the Kurri Kurri calendar is featured in the public art project.

Maybe two years isn't enough to say it is a historically significant item, but even if Mulletfest never runs again there aren't many other events in the area that have had quite the global reach that it has.

Where the mural would go is a good question. The Chelmsford Hotel itself already has a few on display.

There are obviously other things to consider - who would paint it, what would it look like and does the town even want it?

But we just thought we would raise the idea and claim the credit if it comes to fruition.

If not, we'll just put it down to a bad hair day.