Joe Evers | Why I love my hot water system


Want to be a bit more handy around the home? We've enlisted local tradie JOE EVERS to write a regular column for us. Here, he looks at hot water systems.

Yes it's true I love hot water systems. Short or tall, slim or squat, I love them all and here is why.

My Hotty (as I like to call her) provides me with piping hot water every day, luxury I could never live without.

Hotty works tirelessly, never complaining, just slogging away.

My Hotty is low maintenance, she is the hardest working appliance and she only ever needs a little attention and a service once every 5 years.

As a plumber I may be a little over the top when it comes to my water heater, but with over 20 years in the hot water industry, I've learnt a thing or two about water heaters.

Most of the time they're not given much thought until disaster strikes. Screams can be heard when there is no hot water in the shower or the water heater is leaking.

Here are a few things to consider before heading into the winter months, as no one - and I mean no one - likes a cold shower in winter.

- Depending on servicing intervals, the average hot water heaters last no longer than 10 years, so if your water heater is getting a little old, be proactive not reactive, as there is no good time for a burst water heater.

- Know where and how to isolate your water heater in case of a burst.

- Have your water heater serviced at or around the 5 year mark, It is without a doubt the hardest working appliance in the house and does need some attention at the 5 -7 year mark.

If you find that you need to replace your water heater, then please seek a professional's opinion, there are many things to consider before installing a new unit that you may not have thought of. Ie: warranties, energy consumption, positioning and location, valves and safety devices and much more.

Common things you should know about your Hot water system:

- Its age (found on a sticker on the side of the unit)

- The capacity or delivery in litres (found on a sticker on the side of the unit)

- Is it gas, solar or electric

 How to isolate the water and or gas, in case of emergency:

- When it was last serviced by a licensed plumber

- The warranty details, what's covered and for how long.