A strategic plan will be developed for Heddon Greta and Cliftleigh.

Green light for Heddon Greta strategic plan

A STRATEGIC plan will be developed for Heddon Greta and Cliftleigh.

The motion, tabled by Labor councillor Darrin Gray, will see the general manager prepare a report to Council within two months to investigate the preparation of a strategic land use plan for the growing Heddon Greta - Cliftleigh precinct.

"I'm a boilermaker by trade. How do you built a power station?" Cr Gray said at the meeting. "You start from the bottom and work up. But it seems like with Heddon Greta ... everything was built over here and there

"It [Heddon Greta] has turned into a strategic planning nightmare. The idea of this motion is for the community to be able see ... what kind of community are we actually building here.

"The main roads are already at loggerheads. We are playing catch up right across the whole area. This motion is really important. If we don't start to get some strategic planning in there ... we are doing a disservice to the people."

As part of the motion, council will address a number of issues in the area such as improving integration of the existing residential community with the new urban release areas and future residential growth areas, including roads and traffic management.

Liberal councillor Rod Doherty said it was "astounding" that there had been no recent traffic studies in the suburb. "There's been none done in this area since 2014," he said.

Cr Doherty cited a number of developments including Cliftleigh Meadows, Puma Service Station and Wallis Creek.

"I can't believe all this infrastructure has been done without a complete study between Testers Hollow and Kurri Kurri," he said.

"How come all these developments have been allowed to be approved?"

The motion will also see what arrangements could be made with 'Maitland City Council in the planning process with a view for joint contributions and planning wherever feasible across the precinct'; and also include resourcing, funding and time frame considerations in order to prepare the plan.

The motion was passed unanimously by councillors.