Cessnock Volunteer Rescue Association free snake from Pokolbin vineyard toilet bowl

Here's something you don't see every day - thankfully.

NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) Cessnock District Rescue Squad responded to reports of a red-bellied black snake in a Pokolbin vineyard outhouse toilet bowl on Thursday.

Volunteer Vicki West and one of squad's regular snake handlers Chris Madgwick went to the vineyard to free the lost reptile and return it to the wild.

Regular snake calls are part of the job for a VRA volunteer but they're not often like this.

"This is probably the first ever one I've been to in a toilet," Mrs West said with a laugh.

While some may find it tempting to remove snakes from unwanted locations, Mrs West advises against it.

"We ask people to be very wary," she said.

"Don't try to catch them yourself, please give us a call."

Mrs West said the Hunter VRA squad primarily existed to attend motor vehicle accidents.

However, she said the team had helped a range of animals out of various sticky situations in the past, including cats trapped in trees, dogs in drains and cows stuck in mud.

In the event of a snake sighting, Cessnock LGA residents can contact their local squad on 4991 2444.