Former One Nation stalwart Jim Savage fires parting shots in resignation letter

SHOTS FIRED: Jim Savage said Pauline Hanson's One Nation had betrayed its members' values.
SHOTS FIRED: Jim Savage said Pauline Hanson's One Nation had betrayed its members' values.

Former One Nation Queensland president Jim Savage has resigned from the party, but not without taking some parting shots at leader Pauline Hanson and political adviser James Ashby.

Mr Savage joined the party in 1997 and served as state president for 11 years. He made the headlines last year, when he was one of half a dozen members denied entry to the party's annual general meeting (AGM), an act which he claimed was in violation the party's own constitution.

That incident convinced him to bring his association with the party to an end, and submit his resignation letter. In that document, he accuses the decision makers of abandoning the member's values as well as lacking transparency and loyalty.

Among his criticisms of Ms Hanson were claims she almost bankrupted the party paying private legal fees, refused to present a treasurer's report, auditor's report or secretary's report at 2019 AGM, and that she ran 'ghost candidates' the party executives were not aware of in federal elections.

Changing of rules to allow Senator Hanson to be named party president for life in 2018 also irked Mr Savage, and he said her control over proceedings had become too significant.

"I am leaving the party with much regret for the golden opportunity lost, thanks largely to you [Ms Hanson] and James Ashby, ably assisted by your new 'paid for' submissive unelected executive, having trashed the values and standards set by so many good people over the last 20 odd years," Mr Savage stated in the resignation letter.

"No longer do we have a volunteer executive, all are directly or indirectly on your payroll, hence you control them."

However, his biggest critique was reserved for Mr Ashby and in particular his role in the infamous blunder in which One Nation were caught attempting to gain foreign donations from the American National Rifle Association (NRA).

Mr Savage described the incident as an "embarrassment to every Australian", and then lambasted the party leader's comments at the time, when she said they had never taken foreign donations.

He states this is untrue, and they had previously received between $5000 and $10,000 from a Singaporean woman.

"Again you are either deliberately not telling the truth or are grossly uninformed of your own party," he wrote.

Speaking to Australian Community Media, Mr Savage made it clear that despite his resignation, he remains a supporter of One Nation - just not its leader.

"She's a very courageous woman, and she's a tough woman and she's got a lot of good qualities, but political common sense is not one of them," he said.

Mr Ashby was contacted for a response, but has chosen not to comment at this time.

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