Meryl Swanson: Canberra Matters | It's back to the days of the stagecoach for mail delivery

Meryl Swanson: Canberra Matters | We're going back to the stagecoach days

It has been a busy week in Parliament. I have taken the opportunity to stand up for my community by speaking on a number of issues that I know are important to you.

Australia Post is very important to regional Australians. Who among us has not visited a local Post Office to send a letter or parcel, pay a bill or organise a passport photo? And, particularly during this pandemic, the postie has been a welcome site delivering mail and parcels at a time when we couldn't leave out homes to shop or even pay our bills.

Sadly, this Government wants to slash one in four jobs in Australia Post, particularly in regional areas like Kurri Kurri. Small towns like Abermain have already lost access to a local provider, will Weston be next?

HOLD ON: The mail is coming.

HOLD ON: The mail is coming.

This Government wants to set the post a week apart from when you're supposed to get your letters. This feels like we're going back to the old stagecoach days, and Morrison is running roughshod over regional and rural Australia.

Australia Post is a big employer and a big service provider. I know the ladies at our post office really well, they do a great job. They are working tirelessly with the big parcels that we are now all ordering online and yet this Government wants to cut jobs and wants to cut services to Australia Post.

Labor is going to stand up to Morrison on this and say no way. The post must come, the mail must be delivered and people must stay in jobs in Australia Post.


I know many people in my electorate were financially disadvantaged by the Government's robodebt program. It was heartbreaking to hear the stories from those in my community who were hit with huge debts with little or no explanation about how it was calculated.

This scheme has now been deemed illegal by the Federal Court.

After pressure from Labor and the prospect of a lengthy legal battle with a looming class action, the Government has agreed to repay more than $721m wrongfully taken from struggling Australians.

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