The Informer: The world joins the US in taking a breather

Trump has left the White House as Biden is welcomed in. Photos: Shutterstock
Trump has left the White House as Biden is welcomed in. Photos: Shutterstock

It was always going to take a little while to sink in but the world has changed, Trump really has left the House.

No-one was really sure he would leave, or whether he would continue inciting mischief right to the end.

Finally our attention can turn to how quickly the world's largest economy and our long-time ally will rise from the Trump ashes.

The new "leader of the free world", Joe Biden, hasn't really had to do much yet has he, in order to set the USA back on a course to resembling some sort of normality.

But he has started with pace - setting 15 executive actions in his first day in office. At least six dealt with immigration while some others dealt with climate as he re-joined the US to the Paris climate accord.

Trump kept headline-hogging right to the end, now it is Biden's turn to impress us.

Just ordinariness will do for a time as the healing continues, and he seems pretty good at that.

The world needs a breather after Trump, the USA certainly does. Its reputation on the world stage has taken a battering.

President Biden wants to focus more on combating COVID-19 and that horrific death toll in the States, the world needs that too.

Back home in Australia, there are calls to sort out hotspot definitions. Talk to anyone who has been trying to cross borders to return home if you need to understand how important that is.

The scheduled meeting of the National Cabinet tomorrow needs to pay at least some attention to that.

Australia seems to have emerged from the second wave pretty well but with new cases certain to break out, the vaccine rollout is still a national priority which needs much greater explanation.

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