Morris marvels to continue sibling rivalry

Brett Morris scored 12 tries for the Sydney Roosters in 2020, to take his NRL career tally to 165.
Brett Morris scored 12 tries for the Sydney Roosters in 2020, to take his NRL career tally to 165.

They're the most prolific try-scoring brothers in premiership history but Brett and Josh Morris aren't done yet, with the twins hoping to continue adding to their extraordinary feats in 2021 for the Sydney Roosters.

Turning 36 in August, the Morris marvels know the finish line is coming but insist their sibling rivalry will drive them once again as they line up for NRL seasons 15 and 16 respectively.

Brett debuted a year earlier than Josh in 2006 and that partly explains why he leads their head-to-head try tally 165 to 149.

Brett enjoyed a 12-try start from that maiden season for Canterbury way back when and Josh on Tuesday admitted trying to keep pace had always been a special motivator.

"There is a rivalry but it's pretty healthy," Josh said.

"We always support one another and he gives me something to chase as well.

"I think we scored the same amount of tries last year so hopefully I can go one better than him this year."

In fact, Brett edged Josh 12 tries to 11 in 2020, not that he truly needs reminding.

"Oh the stats these days, you know exactly how many you score so he lets me know," Josh said.

"I've got him well covered," Brett said.

"Look, there's always a bit of competition there between myself and Josh. We always like to out-do each other and no doubt that will happen again this year.

"But, as for the records and that sort of thing, I don't really pay attention to it.

"That's my job.

"My job is to score tries on the end of a backline and if you're not doing your job, you'll be out of a job."

That's not entirely true, either, with Josh letting the cat out of the bag, declaring Brett was well aware of his place in the history books.

His 165 first-grade four-pointers has Brett equal fourth with Andrew Ettingshausen behind only Ken Irvine (212), Billy Slater (190) and Steve Menzies (180).

"He knows. He knows exactly where he sits and he's got his goal of what he wants to achieve this year as well," Josh said.

Josh is equal 14th all-time alongside Greg Inglis, needing one more try to reach his milestone 150th.

Scoring tries is very much in the pair's blood, with their Test-playing father Steve "Slippery" Morris standing equal 35th alongside the likes of legends Darren Lockyer and Brad Fittler with 122 premiership tries.

"When you see your brother score a try, you want to get one as well," Josh said.

"Like I said, it's healthy and it helps us play better."

How much longer the twins will continue playing is anybody's guess.

Both are taking it a season at a time.

"I've just been trying to get through the pre-season. With these rule changes, it's obviously gone up another notch in intensity," Brett said.

"So I've just been trying to get through that first.

"Contract talks can wait."

Josh doesn't necessarily subscribe to the theory that 40 is the new 30 in sport as ageless superstars like Super Bowl king Tom Brady and tennis greats Roger Federer and Serena Williams set remarkable new standards.

"What was Tom Brady, 43? So I'm not doing eight more pre-seasons, mate, I can give you the hot tip," Josh said.

"I thought last year was my last year.

"So I'll probably wait to halfway through the season, see how how I'm feeling physically and mentally and make a decision then."


1. Ken Irvine 212

2. Billy Slater 190

3. Steve Menzies 180

=4. Brett Morris, Andrew Ettingshausen 165

6. Terry Lamb 164

7. Brett Stewart 163

=8. Matt Sing, Hazem El Masri 159

=10. Nathan Merritt, Michael Jennings 153

=12. Harold Horder, Manu Vatuvei 152

=14. Josh Morris, Greg Inglis 149

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